Jan. 4th, 2011

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Most awesome comics news of the week, and possibly the month: DC Comics to bring back letters columns!

I used to have a love-hate relationship with letters columns, the hate mainly forming during the Kyle Rayner era of Green Lantern, where editor Kevin Dooley pretty much seemed to use the letters page as a propaganda piece for all things pro-Kyle and anti-Hal. In a day and age where all major comics news sites and blogs seem to be little more than glorified P.R. and wankery for the comic companies (actual criticism? FUCK THAT! We want exclusive previews and interviews! GEOFF JOHNS IS AWESOME AND CAN DO NO WRONG! ANY DISAGREEMENT WILL BE FLAMED/BANNED/IGNORED/MOCKED), it's amazing to read the letters in comics from twenty years ago and find how many editors often published balanced responses.

It's a great time capsule for comics fandom, putting stories in a historical perspective. More than that, it's just plain fun. Sometimes, more fun than the actual comics themselves. It's also great fun to track down all the future "celebrities" (comic writers, artists, bloggers, editors to be) in the old letters pages, back when they were just fans. I'm now making a note of every one I find, possibly to make it a recurring feature.

While anybody can have their opinions published online (a great and terrible thing unto itself), there's something different about knowing that opinion is actually being read by the editors and sometimes times the writers themselves! Jeph Loeb actually remembered me as "John from Cabin John" from my lengthy letter to The Long Halloween, and while I've become very critical of both Loeb and that story in years since, I'm still fond of that thrill: the sheer excitement and accomplishment at seeing my letter actually PUBLISHED in a COMIC BOOK. I tell you, I was the happiest kid in seventh grade.

You bet your ass that Henchgirl and I are gonna write letters. Snail mail, even! What about you, the five people who still read DC Comics on my f-list? Will you be taking advantage of this?

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