Apr. 26th, 2011

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Via www.themarysue.com--quickly becoming a new favorite geek site--this handy database lets you see which DC and Marvel comics were released the month you were born, with cover images. Here are the most notable (to me) issues that were released on my birth-year and month, March 1983:

The first appearance of Killer Croc, back when he was meant to be an A-list threat!

An issue from J.M. DeMatteis' great and unloved Captain America run! I think this is the issue where Cap goes to save the beloved "roommate" of his childhood best friend, Arnie Roth. And yes, "roommate" is in quotes. That's as explicit as it gets, but it's fairly clear--and made even more clear as the book progresses--that Arnie's gay. Was this the first instance of a gay character in comics? I mean, not counting Jim Shooter's oh-my-god-what-were-you-thinking story where the Hulk was nearly raped in a YMCA?

If ever there was a single Marvel issue that deserved to be hailed as a classic, it's this one. Coming right off the heels of Frank Miller's revitalizing run, Alan Brennert (writer for the 80's Twilight Zone, as well as a handful of excellent, excellent, EXCELLENT DC Comics in the 80's) crafted this wonderful tribute to Miller's work that captured all of the humanity and none of the crassness. In some ways, it feels like thematic foreshadowing to Miller and Mazzucchelli's Batman: Year One and Daredevil: Born Again, in that it's a superhero noir mystery grounded by a down-to-earth supporting character. And it's all in a story where Ben Urich wants to buy a house. Note the blue fedora and coat Ben Urich is wearing in the story. Compare that with the cover, and see if it doesn't catch the "spirit" of another great comics character.

Best X-Men story ever? I'd say yes, but aside from this book, I've never really cared about the X-Men at all. This definitely earned that exception. It's the nameless cop character. That's the part that really stays with me.

Oh god. Oh GOD. It's this issue. I don't know what's crackier about this issue: the fact that it features Superman and Batman crying over alien tentacle sex (NOT EVEN KIDDING), or all the canon slashiness (scans courtest of dcwomenkickingass):

Truly, it was an omen of something great to come (hurr). Namely, me. I don't know how that works, exactly. I'm just not sure how else to end this post.

Oh, wait, I know! Now it's your turn! What comics came out on the month YOU were born?

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