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I spent two hours last night composing a list of the three things that happened over the past week which left me feeling very, very depressed as a comics fan. The post, long-ass as it is, remains unfinished. Maybe I'll get back to it if the bad mood hits again. And it might, depending on if anything happens next in regards to the whole debacle with a famous Spider-Man writer clashing with Henchgirl on her LJ.

For today, I was distracted by all that. First, by seeing Tron: Legacy (full review forthcoming, maybe. I'll say this much: for better or worse, that was definitely a faithful Tron sequel), and then by having a fight with Henchgirl, during which I ended up making her cry. In the Safeway. In the frozen foods section.

As punishment, she forced me to watch Frank Miller's The Spirit. I had it coming.

In the meantime, while I formulate my Tron: Legacy thoughts to post here or at [ profile] box_in_the_box's review (where is it?! WHERE?!), I'd like those of you who've seen it to rewatch the awesome teaser trailer that premiered in July 2009:

Notice any major differences in that trailer vs the final film? Notice Flynn's location in the scene and the design of the programs' suits and faces in particular. I'm curious as to what happened between the making of that trailer and the making of the film. Bear in mind, if you've seen the action figures, they're more closely modeled on the characters here than in the film.
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