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I can actually find someone to have an epic discussion about adapting THE BROTHERS KARAMAZOV with Batman characters, starting with the Robins onward.

I originally came up with the idea for THE BROTHERS ROBIN with [ profile] surrealname back in college, even though he'd never actually read the book. Since then, I've been dying to find a Bat-fan who has! I just thank god I don't have the energy to actually write the fanfic, because let me tell you, it's now more tempting than ever!
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... then again, it occurs to me that people on scans_daily are starting to anticipate me showing up every time there's a Harvey-related post. I seem to be earning a reputation, all right. Hopefully that reputation is shaping up to be something more like "the authority on all things Harvey Dent" rather than "that loser obsessed with Two-Face."

One way to cultivate the former (while still risking the latter) would be to finally bite the bullet and start up that blog where I would devote to analysis, criticism, and discussion of all things Harvey-related. If I could keep it from being the ultimate shrine to my time-wasting fanwank and manage to create thoughtful and witty essays (while still getting writing and Fringing done IRL), it would be awesome.

I just wish I had some basic knowledge of customizing LJ layouts and/or photoshop capabilities. I keep thinking how I'd like to have one side showing several images of Harvey's good side over the years, and on the other side, just have one huge single image of the bad side. I'm thinking that one from Matt Wagner's FACES,* where he's in darkness; only the bulging eye and exposed teeth are visible. Something like that. But then, I sadly have little sense of style in such matters, as my current LJ layout will attest (gotta get me a new one soon.)

I'm thinking of calling it about_faces. Unless anyone can think of anything slighty witty that hasn't already been taken.

*You know what the problem with Matt Wagner's FACES is? It should really have been a Penguin story. And it would have been awesome. Seriously, poor Ozzie hasn't had a single truly *great* story in over thirty years, but instead, Wagner uses Two-Face, and everyone loses. Sigh.
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Baltimore Comic Con has thrown me off the wagon. Hard. I am now scouring eBay to find:

-- 1.) Every single issue of the Timmverse animated Batman comics. That's THE BATMAN ADVENTURES, BATMAN AND ROBIN ADVENTURES, BATMAN: GOTHAM ADVENTURES, and BATMAN ADVENTURES (I have no interest in BATMAN BEYOND). Because at their best, these really are some of the finest Batman comics I have ever read, period. Time and again, I read an issue that makes me go, "YES. *THAT* is what I love about these characters." There's more consistent quality from these runs than almost anything else I see in canon DCU, and it pains me that these aren't better known nor loved by kids and adults alike.

... and...

-- 2.) Every single major Two-Face appearance ever. Well, at least some of the more obscure ones from around 1976-1990.

Here are some cover scans of the ones I'm looking for specifically, for parties interested in old back issues. )

I'm totally doing that Two-Face-centric blog at some point. I managed to salvage the old essays I wrote for [ profile] scans_daily (my three-part Gilda retrospective! "The Ballad of Harvey and Renee!" "Harvey Dent: Comic Writer?" And the classic, "It Sucks to be Harvey Dent!"), and I plan to revise them accordingly with more insight and whatnot. Ooh, ooh, I can finally have an excuse to do that essay about how Harvey has been the trial by fire for all the male Robins. I'll say it again, he's the Wacky Uncle of the Bat-Family!

Of course, none of that will happen until I've finished the first draft of a new show for Fringe 2010. Such geeky self-indulgence shall be my reward. And this, ladies and gents, is why Heffie never does NaNoWriMo.
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You were warned.


Who... I ask you, WHO is ready for THE BLACKEST NIGHT? )

Now, if I were truly bold and wanted to give this a serious Russian Roulette flavor, I'd have bought a pack of these and sprinkled them in with the appropriate colors. But no, alas. I want to have a good time. And really, that really requires someone else to laugh at you when you end up eating a Rotten Egg jelly bean. Besides, only about half of them are comparable with the ones listed above.

Regardless. Bring it on, DC. Bring. It. ON.
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I good and truly cannot understand how some people can be bitchy, complaining, and fanwanky about the upcoming GREEN LANTERN epic, THE BLACKEST NIGHT. Seriously, what's with these people?* Where's their sense of geek joy?

Like, take how DC is putting out full-page profiles on each of the Color Corps. Most recently, they featured the Orange Lanterns. Now, we knew the Oranges were driven by avarice and led by one in particular--Larfleeze, aka "Agent Orange"--but we didn't know what exactly made them stand out among the other Corps. Until now:

When this was posted over at scans_daily (the InsaneJournal version, which just isn't the same, damn it!), [ profile] box_in_the_box summed up my feelings rather well:

Of COURSE the Orange Lantern Corps would be a ONE-man corps, because he wouldn't want to SHARE it with anyone else.


It really, really is. It's shit like this which gets my geek heart giddy. This is a Grant-Morrison-level idea, but because it's being written by someone who actually gives a shit about characters as much as wacky ideas, it actually has the potential to be pulled off interestingly!!!

Box added, My only regret is that, if we can have Ruffles the Rage-Kitty, then Agent Orange SHOULD have been an anthropomorphic DUCK.

More to the point, a talking duck who speaks in a SCOTTISH accent, and wears SPATS.


Hell, I was saying that very thing! Scrooge, Gollum, and the FINDING NEMO seagulls (remember, the Orange Lantern(s/'s) main catch phrase? "MINE." No, really!), they all need to be Orange Lanterns. Even if it means they were killed and turned into avatars for Agent Orange.

In response to my quixotic plea for an LJ icon, [ profile] endis_ni made this greatness:

While s_d's resident undisputed master of all things Wonder Woman, the great [ profile] bluefall, made the magnificent icon you see here. She even made the other ones orange avatars! Brilliant touch!

But Mr. Box was not done with me yet:

Scrooge as a Green Lantern (yes, he's greedy as hell, but he also has hellacious willpower) versus Flintheart Glomgold as an Orange Lantern.


(Although imagining the Finding Nemo seagulls all wielding Orange Power Rings and saying, "MINE! MINE! MINE!" as they fly into battle? Is AWESOME.)

We then realized that, naturally, it follows that Donald Duck would be a Red Lantern, which certainly made me feel like a total shameful smarty-pants for thinking that no one could possibly have come up with something so unbelievably nerdy!

Which is when someone showed us this...


Dear god, but I love nerds.**

And for those who don't read comics, [ profile] filbypott has kindly provided a simple go-to explanation of the various Corps' D&D alignments:

Red: Chaotic Evil
Orange: Neutral Evil
Yellow: Lawful Evil
Green: Lawful Neutral (the Guardians, at least, if not individual GLs)
Blue: Lawful Good
Indigo: Neutral Good
Violet: Chaotic Good

The question of whether or not the Black Lanterns could be Black Lanterns Chaotic Neutral is yet to be answered, but there you go.

*Like, okay, so "Willpower" and "Death" aren't really emotions. It's a valid point. Now shut up, stop nitpicking, and enjoy the awesomeness. Sheesh.

**Coincidentally, there were not one but TWO videos of Two-Face as a Sinestro Corpsman, but they're not worth posting here. By the way, [ profile] suburbfabulous and [ profile] tragical_mirth: in light (har) of the revelations that the Blue Lanterns' powers are dependent upon being in close proximity to a Green Lantern, I fear practicality must top symbolism. Therefore, I acquiesce: Harvey Dent's good side would be a Green--not Blue--Lantern.

And yet, I dunno... I'd think a half-blue, half-red costume would look snazzier than half-green, half-red. The latter would look like Christmas Two-Face, while the former would match my eyes!
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[ profile] tompurdue... the gauntlet had been filled with turducken, wrapped in bacon, injected with cheese product via a caulking gun, and thrown into a deep-fryer.

Why do I get the feeling these two tags will always be used at the same time?
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Over at [ profile] noscans_daily, mod [ profile] stubbleupdate proposed a "drinking" game to play as we read along with the upcoming DC-Universe-spanning GREEN LANTERN epic, THE BLACKEST NIGHT.

Little did he realize the true epic that was about to unfold... )


This will be the best crossover ever. Assuming I can still reach the pages by the end of it.

*By the way, [ profile] benchilada, I'm somewhat tempted to get these and have a game of jelly bean chicken with you when I come visit in August. Of course, knowing you, you've probably shotgunned an entire pack of the Bertie Botts beans.
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Via [ profile] tragical_mirth:


Who wants to see AGUIRRE, WRATH OF GOD on the big screen with me tomorrow at 9:00? Having seen it at AFI a couple years ago, I can assure you, this film is somehow even better on the big screen.

Just before that, there'll also be FITZCARRALDO (a film I like, but it's like a less awesome version of AGUIRRE, and the behind-the-scenes story infinitely more interesting) and the amazing POW story LITTLE DIETER NEEDS TO FLY, which Herzog himself adapted as RESCUE DAWN with Christian Bale.

C'mon, folks! 9:00 for AGUIRRE, if nothing else! Let's get grog at Piratz Tavern, and then watch Herzog!

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Over at [ profile] scans_daily, the great [ profile] foxhack posted all three parts of the epic JASON VS. LEATHERFACE crossover love story. You think I'm joking? Read that first part alone. Read it. Now. Even from over here in Rehoboth Beach, I very much expect to hear the popcorn-like sounds of your heads exploding when you witness the tender love of Messrs. Voorhees and Sawyer (none of this "Hewitt" bullshit!).

After seeing that, [ profile] themadhatter26 and I started rambling about how much we loved our JASON VS. ALIENS idea, and it got me thinking how I'd love to see a whole series of JASON VS. _______. It'd be like BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD, only it'd be "Who will be this week's special guest star, and how will Jason slaughter them?" Here are just some of the ideas we came up with:

Jason vs. Aliens
Jason vs. Predator
Jason vs. Ripley
Jason vs. The Punisher
Jason vs. Bill the Butcher
Jason vs. Mordor
Jason vs. Buffy
Jason vs. Teddy Roosevelt
Jason vs. Zombie Teddy Roosevelt
Jason vs. the RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD zombies
Jason vs. Jaws
Jason vs. Orca
Jason vs. Quint
Jason vs. Steve Irwin
Jason vs. Zombie Steve Irwin
Jason vs. Mecha Steve Irwin
Jason vs. the Roman Empire
Jason vs. Olympus

Now, I know with some of these, you'll be thinking, "Even Jason Voorhees couldn't stand a chance in that fight!" But you forget, while he doesn't even have a healing factor, his true superpower is shitty continuity. Like, didn't Part 3 end with him getting an axe to the face? In Part 4, whoop, he's back on his feet and good again! In Part 8, he was splashed with toxic waste and turned into a crying Asian boy, and in Part 9, he was a body-jumping demon slug thing. Why the hell not!

And oh, I'm not done yet:

Jason vs. the Harlem Globetrotters
Jason vs. Danzig
Jason vs. China
Jason vs. Lincoln
Jason vs. EVIL Lincoln
Jason vs. Muhammad Ali
Jason vs. Jesus
Jason vs. the Cold War
Jason vs. Scott Pilgrim
Jason vs. Rex the Wonder Dog
Jason vs. Godzilla
Jason vs. the Doctor
Jason vs. the Daleks
Jason vs. Dracula
Jason vs. Galactus
Jason vs. John Locke
Jason vs. Benjamin Linus
Jason vs. the Economy
Jason vs. Rorschach
Jason vs. Anton Chigurh
Jason vs. The Thing
Jason vs. BEES!

The possibilities are endless. Although my personal favorite has to still be this drawing done for a "Jason Vs." contest on Ain't It Cool News:

"Jason vs. His Own Personal Demons."

I'd buy that for a dollar.

Okay, I probably should be getting back to actual work now.

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An excellent essay examining why Lex Luthor is utterly awesome, and may yet give the Joker and Dr. Doom alike runs for their money when it comes to the title of "greatest supervillain ever."

"Other villains fight men. Luthor is, when you get down to brass tacks, a man trying to fight God." I love it. I used to struggle in my attempts to hold Lex up as one of the true all-time greats just because of the conflicting takes on the character, but Mr. Bird makes the astute observation that those conflicting versions are all essential to the character. Amazing.

That said, he may or may not be simplistic or mistaken in his assessment of Dr. Doom. The jury's still out on that debate. Plus, I can think of a certain someone who might take issue with her Joker comments, but that's a whole other post entirely. His points on Sexy Lexy still stand.

Looks like that cold/sore throat I'd been fighting off for the past two weeks finally kicked in, just in time for me to sleep in, relax, catch up on my Netflix (on the pile today: MISHIMA, HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER, and POINT BLANK), and plot and plan my next big move.

Once things gel a bit more, expect a rather huge and possibly insane announcement for how I plan to spend the next four or five months. Hell, if things pull together like I'm planning, all of 2009 is going to be glorious madness on levels that would put Arkham Asylum and Sparta alike to shame.
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I have thought of a new thing that would make the world a much, much better place.

You see, not that long ago, I realized how dearly, desperately I wished to see John C. McGinley play the Green Goblin. Think about it. You know this to be perfect. He even has the hair!

But no, that's not the thing I mean specifically.

Last night, I was remembering how much I love everyone's favorite Cox in pretty much everything he does, even little things like his voice-over work as the Atom in JUSTICE LEAGUE. Particularly in the episode "Dark Heart," which was written by one of my personal idols to follow if I ever truly wish to have fans who scare the utter crap out of me: [ profile] warrenellis.

Because really, Warren Ellis writing superhero scripts for John C. McGinley results in nothing but greatness. And it's in the little things, really, like the Atom lying face-down, not moving after beating some huge monster (well, in a petri dish). What other duo is so perfectly suited to write and deliver Ray's line:

"I'm going to lay here for a while, Katie. I'm old now, and I get tired."

Really, the little things shouldn't be enough. There needs to be more. There MUST be more, if the world is ever to be whole.

And that's... when it hit me.

In a better world, we would already have John C. McGinley performing this entire scene:

Always the same. I have to do everything myself. Typical. )

And by the way, later in the same issue, we have him beat the holy crap out of a character who pathetically squeaks, "Mommy." To which Norman replies, flinging a pumpkin bomb, "YOU DON'T HAVE A MOMMY! A PIG COUGHED AND YOU FELL OUT!"

You know, after writing this story, Ellis (who does a hell of a lot of for-hire superhero work for someone who claims to hate superheroes, and what's more, he always does great work), commented on [ profile] scans_daily: "To my surprise, I have found that I could seriously write a book called NORMAN OSBORN for ages... I could write a book called NORMAN OSBORN that was just him walking around delivering Evil Madman Monologues."

A humble suggestion, Herr Ellis? Since even your musical-comedy-disliking heart was won over by DR. HORRIBLE, might I suggest following suit in that format and just giving John C. McGinley a goblin costume, a webcam, and just letting the magic happen? I would personally fund such an endeavor.

EDIT: I'm ever so sorry for the stretched page. I hate when people do that too. But I think you'll agree the reasons for why make it worthwhile.
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So just returned from SWEENEY TODD, and--taking a suggestion from Toby--I decided to mix up a martini with some of my last Bombay Sapphire. But then, I discovered that we've gotten some frozen food in the mail, which means we now have blocks of dry ice that will be gone by morning.

So you know what this means...? Dry ice martini. Yessir, the only martini that chills itself! The gin (with a splash of dry vermouth, as little as possible) actually now has a decidedly fizzy taste, very odd in gin, and it's smoking up like a horror movie bog something nicely.

... oop. I think I left the dry ice in there a little too long. Ever seen gin could turn to slush? I've just invented a martini slurpee!

Full SWEENEY TODD review forthcoming. Maybe sooner. Maybe later.

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