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marred82: Hefnerian (adj.) - pertaining to a situation, event, or story that seems positive and joyous, but has elements of or becomes depressing and melancholic, causing the joyous aspects to be dulled, all interlaced with humor.

marred82: how do you describe Hefner? Dorky..yes. Nerdy...a bit. Dweeby...a pinch. Intellectual cheesemonger...of course. But I've decided that the words that perfectly define Hefner...effervescent haberdasher!

charisma18: I've always been rather impressed by your boundless capacity for rage at people who have no joy. It's adorable. :)

drmutant: You are possessed of a peculiarly dangerous kind of genius.

ronrab: You win TWO internets.

More actual bio info coming... whenever the hell I feel like it.
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