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Since I have insomnia as I can never sleep whenever I have a thing going on the next day, I figure this would be the perfect time to issue a final reminder of the HEFNER MONOLOGUES: HOW HEFNERIAN reading/dry-run at [ profile] tommx's place tonight, 8:00ish!

Light snacks and wine shall be provided! And maybe we'll all go see a late showing of STAR TREK afterward!
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So! Free read-thru of THE HEFNER MONOLOGUES: HOW HEFNERIAN this Friday Friday Friday at [ profile] tommx's place. It's BYOB, but I'll be providing a 1.5L bottle of Yellow Tail Cabernet Sauvignon for all. The show starts at 8ish, so arrive around 7:30ish? Yeah, that'll work.

I'm wondering whether or not to ask folks to take notes during the show. On one hand, the notes y'all did last time were *incredibly* helpful. On the other hand, there's nothing quite as off-throwing as seeing people start scribbling in reaction to something I did on stage. Either way, save enough of the wine for me.

Lemme know if you're interested and I'll hook you up with the address, and if needed, directions.
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So! Who wants to see my new show and drink beer (it's BYOB, but I'll try to get a nice case of inexpensive something-something)?

Then come on by [ profile] tommx's place next Friday, May 8th, for a special rough-as-hell run-through of THE HEFNER MONOLOGUES: HOW HEFNERIAN! Help prepare me for my return to triumphant return to the Orlando Fringe Festival, in the hopes that I don't make a complete and utter boob of myself!

But in the hopes of avoiding self-boobery, I'll be taking a day or two to hermit up in the Catoctin Mountain so I can work on the script without being distracted by my mother, my grandmother, my grandmother's friends, my stepfather, Mom's dogs, my needy bully of a cat, my grandmother's screeching Conure, or that robin who keeps humping his reflection in the window, leaving the glass smeared with robin jizz.

Hopefully I can also swing by Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard, where I can finally get a vineyard tour by no one less than Judge James McKenna himself. I honestly have no idea what I'll say to this great man to whom I once emasculated myself before an entire traffic court, but hopefully, there'll be a new story in this reunion. I'm hoping to someday finally find a way to use the Traffic Court Story in a new show.

Also, his wine is wicked good to boot.

In other news, I am Twatting on Twitter, even though it's seriously not long-winded-bastard-friendly. YOU ARE NOT REPLACING MY LJ ANYTIME SOON, TWITTER.

Speaking of/in all caps, I wanted to finally start officially following ZODIAC MOTHERFUCKER, only to discover this as his latest Tweet:


3:42 PM Apr 22nd from web

I have no reason to doubt he's telling the truth. The internet shall be a poorer place until you return, or perish in a tragic flaming blimp accident. Whichever comes first. This can only be described in one way: WACK AS FUCK.
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One more thing about the GALACTA post: her Twitter page is real.

So folks, if any of you were inclined to attend a party at [ profile] tommx's wherein you would listen to me test out my new version of my second show, THE HEFNER MONOLOGUES: HOW HEFNERIAN, tell me what you think, and have beer and snacks... which would work better?

A.) Friday May 8th


B.) Sunday May 10th


I'd prefer the Friday, I think that would work best all around. But I just want to double-check.

Stupid Caps, going to playoffs that Saturday...
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When I want a short way to describe this hippie community to people, I say, "When that whole 'Miracle on the Hudson' thing happened, they held a candlelight vigil for the bird." That sums 'em up pretty well. :)

Which reminds me, when said 'Miracle' happened, my brother called me up. I was in Tuscaloosa, in the midst of having a ridiculously-successful Daniel Day-Lewis movie trilogy marathon with [ profile] bitemetechie, and as such I hadn't been watching the news. Edd, over the phone, explained, "Yeah, apparently one of the engines got obstructed by a BIRD BIRD BIRD, THE BIRD IS THE WORD, BUH-BUH-BUH-BIRD BIRD BIRD, THE BIRD IS THE WORD...!"

If Edd taught me anything, it's that brilliance and obnoxiousness sometimes go hand in hand. Maybe that's why I consider JACKASS performance art. Seriously, some day, I'm just gonna do an entire dissertation on why Johnny Knoxville and crew are some of our generation's truly great performance artists. Anyone who doesn't believe me clearly hasn't seen JACKASS NUMBER TWO. Tee hee hee.

Okay. Gotta get serious. Going up tomorrow, first show of Frigid. I need to get pumped.

No. No, that's not doing it.

Shit. Even that's not getting me pumped. I need major pumpage here, people! I need to feel like I could kick Galactus in the junk! Come on, internets, WHAT. HAVE. YOU. GOT?!

Damn skippy, commune-full-o'-hippies. I am gonna monologue the fuck outta this shit.

Tomorrow. After sleep. Which will not be coming for hours yet. Ding-dang it.


Feb. 19th, 2009 04:39 pm
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Hoo boy, yesterday was rough. I mean, it was good! But definitely rough. Which is exactly why I'm glad everyone was able to make it, because it's SO much better to be rough around supportive friends taking constructive notes than a bunch of strangers in actual performance. And while I was scared to read the notes, they were indeed all very helpful, so that was a good idea.

The main problem was the unavoidable "Oh shit, there's an actual audience here... and they're taking notes!!!" feeling, which--coupled with the fact that this is the first time I'm trying out this version in full--resulted in me not being at my most relaxed and smooth. It'll get better once I become more comfortable doing it again and again, which I'll have all summer to do.

But I just hope to get there by next week, when I'm performing before friends who *haven't* seen me perform already. Not to mention NYC theatre critics, because I'm pretty well guaranteed to have at least one there.

So yeah. A deep and sincere thanks to everyone who showed up, offering their support and responses. It was a tough but incredibly helpful and important experience. And to those who missed it... well, if you've ever needed an excuse to visit Orlando, Montreal, Winnipeg, Indianapolis, and/or Vancouver, this summer would be the perfect opportunity!
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THE (newly revised) HEFNER MONOLOGUES!

The Cheap-Ass Low-Tech Holy-Crap-There's-A-Fucking-Audience-Here Dry Run-Through!

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009
Fort Fringe
607 New York Ave NW
Washington, DC 20001
8:00, runs One Hour (that's the hope, anyway!)
Punch and pie
Okay, so if no one minds, I'm gonna alter my incentive for food. Rather that pizza, I'm thinking we head to Regional Food and Drink (aka THE INTERNATIONAL HOUSE OF BEER) and, I dunno, I buy a couple pitchers of something or whatever. We'll figure it out.

I'm really excited for this, guys. It'll be rough, as it'll be my first time trying out this new take on familiar material before actual human beings. Bring notepads and pens, for I will need your input!

I'm told there's parking on L Street or New York Avenue, but I'm probably gonna Metro in, if I can. I'll be there around 7-7:30ish. Hope to see you there!
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Where can I get a small, portable coat rack? Like the kind actors use backstage for shows? Anything portable that I can use to hang several coats, which I need on stage as part of...

THE (newly revised) HEFNER MONOLOGUES!


Wednesday, February 18th, 2009
Fort Fringe
607 New York Ave NW
Washington, DC 20001
8:00, runs One Hour (that's the hope, anyway!)
Punch and pie Pizza!

Let me know if you're coming, particularly if you want pizza so I can know how much to order! Also, bring notepads and pens if you've got 'em, for I would like your feedback and suggestions please!

Really, at this point, all I need is the coat rack and I am there. Well, and I need to memorize the new parts and rehearse the whole damn mess, that's kinda important too.

EDIT: Whoops, sorry for the HTML fail there. But hopefully it got your attention!
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All righty, folks. Difficult though it was, I've settled on a date for my open dress rehearsal.


Free to all! Even people I barely know! Hell, hobos welcome!

Come, watch, laugh, wince (in a good way), and offer constructive criticism as I prepare to kick off my utterly suicidal 2009 tour through NYC, Orlando, Montreal, Winnipeg, Indianapolis, Vancouver, and sweet mother of god maybe even Minneapolis too! Even if you've already seen it, trust me, this HEFNER MONOLOGUES is a rather different beast from the HEFNER MONOLOGUES of even a year ago, much less summer '07! One night only!

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009
Fort Fringe
607 New York Ave NW
Washington, DC 20001
8:00, runs One Hour (that's the hope, anyway!)
Punch and pie Pizza!

Let me know if you're coming, so I'll know how much pizza to order! Also, if there are any special considerations for toppings that I'll need to know about, otherwise we'll just go for cheese. On one hand, cheese, eh. On the other, free pizza and a show!
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Oh yeah, I probably should mention that I'm performing THE HEFNER MONOLOGUES at Washington College next Saturday, February 9!

So... yeah! Come fill the house so I can play off your good vibes, and get the best damn performance I can for Dale/Jason/TM/Michele/Polly to tear apart! Whee!

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