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The first bald cap split. The second was too tight. The spirit gum was too old. As was the silver hair color. The claws' glue had dried in the bottle, and even though we bought nail fixative from CVS, there was no time before we went to take in the 10:00 screening of Nosterfatu at the AFI.

Nonetheless, people seemed rather pleased with how I turned out.

With the hair, I think I turned out more rat-like than vampire-like, but based on the fact that three different strangers wanted photos with me after the film, I'm guessing it was good enough. They said that I looked perfect, which--considering how much more makeup and prosthetics I wanted to use and had to go without--is the best kind of dubious compliment.

I wish I'd gotten a photo with Henchgirl as Snow White. She said that the pairing doesn't work at all, but I liked to think we met on "The PaleBook." I'm going to keep saying it until it's funny, damn it.
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Between New York Comic Con in early October and Halloween at the end, our thoughts have been turning to costumes.

First of all, lest any of you doubt that the Henchgirl is a geek girl of hardcore cred, take a look her in nearly-complete costume as Granny Goodness. She'll be going as sexy Granny (she hates that I say that, by far preferring "GGILF"). I'll be Desaad. Skeezy, sleazy, ugly, regular old unsexy Desaad.

I still need to find the purple robe, though, and I'm not sure I have enough hair to pull off the signature look (which is essentially the same greasy hairstyle that I couldn't even entirely pull off six years ago, when I dressed as Bill the Butcher!), but either way, it'll be interesting to see how many people will get who the hell we are. Those are the ones who'll have cred.

I'm now trying to figure out how to decorate my iPhone with Kirbytech to create a Mother Box. And/or get [ profile] surrealname to be a Boom Tube and follow us around the convention, occasionally going, "BOOM!"

As for Halloween... well, we have some other ideas on that front. I'm wondering if I should throw another big party here at my place?

Maybe without the grog this time. Oh, it was delicious as hell, but I honestly don't remember a good chunk of that evening, and every single person who had grog was feeling it the next morning. It is unforgiving. Maybe we should try our hand at home-made absinthe this year?
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I, for one, would absolutely love a "It Sucks To Be Harvey Dent" Lego playset.

2.) And this, ladies and gentlemen, THIS... is how fucked we all are.

So, all that "being able to talk to sea creatures is a lame-ass power" bullshit ain't so funny now, is it?

I was actually thinking about a possible Aquaman vs. Cthulhu battle, but everyone says Arthur would lose. I think they're right. Instead, I think Namor could and would beat Cthulhu, while for Aquaman, the above would totally happen. Because he is King of the Goddamned Seas.

3.) Stan Lee, circa 1973

I've been thinking, for some future comic convention, I should get some old-man makeup effects and go dressed as Stan Lee. Bad toupee, liver spots, and all. And/or, bust out the smoking jacket and go as his IRON MAN cameo:

Some folks think the idea of me dressed as Stan Lee dressed as Hef is too corny, too ironic. I suppose it would be, for the five people who'd actually get the family reference. I've gotta say seeing one of my fandom's greatest icons dressed up as my estranged cousin (and nicknamesake!) was pretty damn surreal.
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First, for those wondering when this was coming out, behold: the official solicitation of WEDNESDAY COMICS:

In July, DC Comics gives a fresh twist to a grand comics tradition with WEDNESDAY COMICS, a new, weekly 12-issue series by some of the greatest names in comics today!
WEDNESDAY COMICS is unique in modern comics history: Reinventing the classic weekly newspaper comics section, it is a 16-page weekly that unfolds to a sprawling 28” x 20” tabloid-sized reading experience bursting with mind-blowing color, action and excitement, with each feature on its own 14” x 20” page.
Spearheaded by DCU Editorial Art Director Mark Chiarello, whose past editing credits include BATMAN BLACK & WHITE, DC: THE NEW FRONTIER and SOLO, each page of WEDNESDAY COMICS spotlights the continuing adventures of DC heroes, including:
• BATMAN, WEDNESDAY COMICS’ weekly cover feature, by the Eisner Award-winning 100 BULLETS team of writer Brian Azzarello and artist Eduardo Risso
• ADAM STRANGE, by writer/artist Paul Pope (BATMAN: YEAR 100)
• METAMORPHO, written by New York Times best-selling writer Neil Gaiman
(bolded for those among you here who might be interested) with art by Eisner Award-winner Michael Allred (Madman)
• THE DEMON AND CATWOMAN, written by Walter Simonson (Thor, MANHUNTER) with art by famed DC cover artist Brian Stelfreeze
• DEADMAN, written by Dave Bullock and Vinton Heuck, art by Dave Bullock
• KAMANDI, written by Dave Gibbons (WATCHMEN, GREEN LANTERN CORPS) with art by Ryan Sook (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, ARKHAM ASYLUM: LIVING HELL)
• SUPERMAN, written by John Arcudi (The Mask) with art by Lee Bermejo (JOKER)
• WONDER WOMAN, written and illustrated by Ben Caldwell (Dare Detectives)
• GREEN LANTERN, written by Kurt Busiek (TRINITY, ASTRO CITY) with art by Joe Quiñones (TEEN TITANS GO!)
• TEEN TITANS, written by Eddie Berganza with art by Sean Galloway
• SUPERGIRL, written by Jimmy Palmiotti (JONAH HEX) with art by Amanda Conner (POWER GIRL)
• HAWKMAN, written and illustrated by Kyle Baker (PLASTIC MAN, Special Forces)
• SGT. ROCK, written by Adam Kubert (SUPERMAN: LAST SON), ilustrated by legendary comics artist Joe Kubert
• THE FLASH, written by Karl Kerschl (TEEN TITANS YEAR ONE, THE FLASH: THE FASTEST MAN ALIVE) and Brenden Fletcher, illustrated by Karl Kerschl
• METAL MEN, written by Dan DiDio with art by Ian Churchill (SUPERGIRL)
WEDNESDAY COMICS will arrive in stores folded twice to 7” x 10”, with the first issue set to reach stores on July 8.

Issue #1 on sale July 8; Issue #2 on sale July 15; Issue #3 on sale July 22; Issue #4 on sale July 29 • 1-4 of 12 • 7” x 10”, 16 pg, FC, $3.99 US

I haven't bought single comic issues for a couple years now, but I will be picking up every single issue of this. Daring concepts like this need to be supported, and the fact that it's featuring some of the greatest talent working alongside hot-as-hell indie newcomers on some of comicdom's greatest characters is just gravy.

Honestly, the only thing that could make this even better is if I could find out who this girl is and propose to her:

Found via [ profile] box_in_the_box, with whom I will battle in the Pit o' Death for this lady's affections. I mean, I love Plastic Man, but she pulls off ol' Eel's costume so much better that it's a wonder it wasn't a female character's outfit from the beginning! I tells ya, the Golden Age was a strange combination of innovative and questionable costume designs.

The fact that someone at Box's LJ responded to his query as to this girl's identity with "... Rachel Maddow?" just makes her all the more gloriously maddening. I must know who she is, if *only* to partner up costumes at a convention. But the question is, which female character should I man-itize to wow and woo Plastic Woman?

Sigh. Someday, Lady Plas. Someday.
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New costume idea: Harvey Dent as a member of the Blue and Red Lantern Corps.

Think about it: a ring on each hand, with a split costume, but not evenly split down the middle. Rather, both sides are fighting back and forth for supremacy, with mini red and blue glow sticks strategically inserted in the schisms, hinting at the literal internal battle for his heart. (No mask, though; I mean, gee, I wonder who he could possibly be under that?)

If I were able to do Comic Con this year (and thus not touring the Fringe circuit at the time), I'd so be all over this glorious waste of time and money. This would be the year to do it too. Corps' t-shirts were selling like crazy at New York Comic Con, so GL-related stuff is totally hip right now.

Maybe I'll consider it for next year, assuming that THE BLACKEST NIGHT doesn't do for the various Corps what SECRET INVASION did for Skrulls.

If nothing else, I need fanart of this, pronto.
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And I thought it was weird seeing kids' costumes for V FOR VENDETTA.

See, [ profile] droidboy010101's take on Jon was much better than any of these, but even he didn't go far enough. Maybe next year, I'll go be Dr. Manhattan for Halloween. Yes, all the way. I'll crash your Halloween parties if I have to.

Oh, and in case anyone hasn't seen this yet:

For all that they're gonna get wrong with the movie, it's the little touches like that which will ensure that I'll have my ticket opening night.
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Warning! Scandalous ankles revealed behind the cut! )

If there are more pictures of me than [ profile] angrylemur here, the simple reason is that I'm a much bigger ham. Seriously, though, what a way to end a wonderful week together.

Speaking of photos, man, [ profile] dhairya, we're gonna need to do the new versions of the Two-Face and Typhoid Mary while I still have enough hair. Otherwise, we're gonna need to fashion half a toupee for the good side. Which actually might be effective, if done well.
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[ profile] angrylemur came down here to visit for the week. There was much hot geekery fun to be had, between SPX, me subjecting her to many films, her subjecting me to many indie bands, home-cooked gourmet meals, and, um, other stuff, all of which culminated yesterday with... well...

If you think the pairing of the Riddler and Zatanna is a bit odd, all I can say is that Paul Dini inspired me with both characters' current neato depictions in DETECTIVE COMICS recently. And besides, they're the only hero/villain pairing who would do battle with jazzhands. You know this to be true.

So yes, ladies and gentlemen. With the generous costume help of [ profile] heleneotroy and [ profile] spacechild, we give you our Victorian/Steampunkish takes on the Riddler and Zatanna.

Many more pictures behind the cut. Oh yes, they get even better... )

That's it for our outerwear. But as with the Joker/Harley shoot, we thought it'd be a good idea to have some alternate inside wear for R&Z. Nothing nearly as NSFW like last time, I assure you. For the sake of you guys, I'll give 'em their own post.

Furthermore, I've been forced to temporarily change the format of my own LJ to this current Hot-Topic-tasting, since the previous setting cut off the larger photos. Laaaame. One of these days, I'm gonna need to figure out how to customize my LJ page with Hefner Monologues pictures and stuff, make it truly worthy of being The Hefner's Blog.
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I'm only a couple elements shy of perfecting my Riddler costume.

First, I lack the proper purple gloves. Short of paying $80 or something for Heath Ledger Joker leather glove replicas that might not even fit my dainty hands (even some men's size Small gloves can be too bulky on me), I dunno what to do for good purple Riddler gloves. Really, I may just have to stick with this pair of black ladies' (the tag says "Large," but damn if they're small) leather gloves that fit me snugly like a second skin.

I guess I'm making up from the fact that I rarely shop for clothes, but damn if getting these costumes together isn't a costly little venture each time. Thankfully, I'm able to reuse certain elements of the costumes elsewhere, but I don't imagine I'd have any more use for purple gloves. Even fashion must be sacrificed in the name of budget now and again.

But the other thing I'm missing is the cane. The Riddler's just not the Riddler without a question-mark cane.

I bought this Victorian style cane, very in keeping with The Shade sensibilities, and it'll do in a pinch. But in a better world, that topper would be stretched out and curled into a patterned question mark. Not sure how the hell I'd pull that off. If there are any custom cane-topper makers out there, let me know. I'd also like to employ their services for a scarab-topped umbrella for my Blue-Beetle-by-way-of-John-Steed costume for next year.

Eh, the rest of the Riddler costume is near-perfect for what I'm trying to achieve, so I can deal. Still, I'll be keeping my eyes out before my photoshoot comes up on the 10th. Oh, did I say my photo shoot? I meant ours.
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You know who needs more love? The Riddler.

Like the Penguin, the Riddler is one of those classic Batman villains, one of the true iconic big baddies* that everyone remembers and no one cares about. Why is this? Well, to answer the first part, the reason why they're remembered is obvious: the 1960's Adam West BATMAN show. Burgess Meredith rivals Paul Williams III's vocal performance as what I think of when it comes to the definitive Pengers, and was definitely one of the genuine highlights of that show.

But then there was Frank Gorshin. Everyone rightly holds Frank Gorshin up as the one true non-ironic non-campy element of excellence from that whole show. I've heard people describe Gorshin's Riddler as the only villain on that show who had legitimate menace, that at any moment, this guy could snap from serious to giggling to downright dangerous and right back again within an instant.

How ironic, then, that the Riddler should be left behind in rise of the "grim 'n gritty" era of comics. In the bright and shiny Silver Age of comics, the Riddler (the TV Riddler, anyway) at least felt like a genuine threat, in the Modern Age of Comics--as Neil Gaiman once excellently observed--he's a relic of a bygone era, lamenting the past and wondering where it all went wrong.

There's a poignancy in Eddie's line, "The Joker's killing people, for god's sake!" And it's that very sentiment that touches upon why people these days so often consider the Riddler to be... well, a joke. In this era of Batman, this dark and creepy age where monsters like the Joker and Two-Face fit in perfectly, what kind of threat can the Riddler really pose?

Of course, inevitably, some writers have come along to try and make the Riddler "dark," because to the minds of lazy comic writers, "dark" automatically equals "relevant." One story had him as the Lovecraftian herald for some evil spirit, doing things like choking babies with ping-pong balls and forcing Batman to perform emergency tracheotomy (yeah, wish I had scans to prove that one exists, but here are the covers to said storyline).

But I never noticed just how much the Riddler was considered a has-been (or even a never-had-been to some) until that general assumption was used as the driving force behind HUSH, where Jeph Loeb revealed the Riddler to have been the mastermind behind a massive--and utterly nonsensical--plot-hole-ridden plot to destroy Batman and Bruce Wayne (whom he knew were one and the same). Much as I furiously loathe Loeb and HUSH, I reluctantly grant that he was on the right track here. The Riddler as a mastermind is a great take for this intellect-based character, and would have been a great direction for other, better writers to develop.

Instead, we got the tattooed metrosexual bishie Riddler. Riddle me this: when does my forehead meet a writing desk?

Thank god for Paul Dini. Not only did BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES provide a magnificently smug and brilliant Riddler (with a magnificently smug and brilliant vocal performance by John "Lionel Luthor" Glover), but little over a decade later, Dini would give metrosexual mastermind Riddler a classic case of head-trauma-amnesia (assuming he's not faking) to reinvent the character as a camera-whoring grandstanding private investigator. As a morally dubious P.I. with a dark past still lurking behind the shadows, the Riddler now fits perfectly into the neo-classic noir of Batman's world.

So now he doesn't have to be a threat, not to Batman anyway. But while I hope this current incarnation sticks around for as long as possible before the inevitable reversion to status quo, I still wish we could see more of a Riddler that's a threat while still being the Riddler.

I keep hearing talk of people thinking about the Riddler for THE DARK KNIGHT's sequel, which could go wrong in oh so many ways (see above). I've already seen fan imaginings of Nolanverse Riddler as something akin to Kevin Spacey's character in SEVEN, madly scribbling questions on newspapers, photos, even his own skin (or maybe they're tattoooooooos! OOOH EDGY!)

Ultimately, I realized why we've seen so few good Riddler stories when I read Paul Dini's described Eddie as "a constant frustration" to the B:TAS writing staff, as well as to Batman. The problem, I fear, is simply that the Riddler is too smart, at least too smart for most writers.

Most writers can bullshit their way around the brilliance of characters like Reed Richards, Tony Stark, Lex Luthor, and Dr. Doom. How do we know they're brilliant? They invent all these crazy things! Yeah, but how did they invent those crazy things? The specifics don't matter, just trust us, they're brilliant. And that's fine, you can get away with that.

But with the Riddler, his brilliance has to be revealed by explicitly exploring, step by step, the mental puzzles he creates expressly to stump Batman. Not just anybody, I mean fucking Batman. The riddles are his entire motivation, the triumph of his intellect, all accomplished with style and art. And yes, people might get killed, but that's not the goal. It's just part of the game, part of the risk, part of the fun.

As such, perhaps the best comic depiction of classic (true) Riddler as a real threat comes, mind-bogglingly enough, from this issue of GREEN ARROW written by the otherwise-intolerable Judd Winnick. Following not long after Kevin Smith's terrible (but snappier-looking!) game show host take, Winnick's Riddler would eventually go right back to lame sub-Joker "urban terrorism," but for those four pages, I dare say we come close to a perfect Riddler: brilliant, smug, stylish, whimsical, theatrical, cold, psychotic, calculating, vicious, dangerous, changing any combination of the above from one panel to the next. It's John Glover cool with Frank Gorshin menace, and I love it.

Such a character could fit perfectly in any era Batman story, from the Silver Age to THE DARK KNIGHT, but pulling it off takes a deft hand and a cunning mind. As such, barring the character starring in some legendary and influential "Killing Joke" of his own, I fear Eddie Nigma's doomed to languish in the C-list. I seriously doubt I could write that story to do him justice, yet I will always have a fondness for the character. After all, this is a guy who values theatrics and style, the only villain who would employ jazz hands, rocking the bowler derby and snazztastic suits all the while. Hell, the Riddler even has his own Spunky Lesbian Sidekicks! Two of them! The guy simply rocks, no matter what anyone else thinks.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I'm dressing up as the Riddler** for this year's "Project: Rooftop--Fights, Flights, and Tights" costume contest.***

*I refuse to ever use the term "Big Bad"

**A Victorian take, specifically. Imagine the Riddler by way of the Shade.

***I just hope there's some way to also submit one or all three of our massive Joker/Harley photoshoot. Maybe I should just send in the ones of us in sexywear? Aw, I wanna submit them all!
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Once I saw the photograph* accompanying the A.V. Club's coverage of Comic Con, an unpleasant thought occurred to me, and I immediately sought verification by calling up [ profile] angrylemur, who actually is attending Nerd Prom.

I asked her, "How many Heath Ledger Jokers have you seen?"

Unflinchingly, and with a telling weariness, she replied, "Too many to count."

Yep, exactly as I feared.

Y'know, going to Ren Fest these past couple years, I've noticed that there always at least two Captain Jack Sparrows. Ren Fest peeps, you can verify this, can you not? How many do you see on any given day? How about season?

Now, I'm far from a Ren Fest purist, and while I love dressing up for photos and whatnot, I generally have little interest in outright cosplay. But it seems to me that the Captain Jack Sparrows (who also go to comic cons that way) and the Heath Ledger Jokers are cut from the same cloth: specifically, I mean "poseur douchebag with no sense of originality" cloth. I hear they sell it at Jo-Ann Fabrics now.

Seriously, how lame do you have to be to put so much time and effort in a Jack Sparrow or Heath Ledger Joker costume? Christ, people, show a little effort. But no, I fear we're just gonna be seeing more and more of these unimaginative, lame-o geeks in the coming years.

To a lesser extent, what's up with people who dress as Stormtroopers? Like, just regular ol' Stormtroopers, just like the same boring old Stormtroopers year in year out. What's the point? Aren't you trying to stand out and be cool?

I mean, look, Darth Vader's always gonna look awesome, but really, why would you want to be yet another plain ol' regular Darth Vader when instead you could be doing something like this:

title or description

Really. What's the point of being a geek if you're just going to be boring and vapid like everybody else? We could all learn a lesson from the awesomeness that is Hello Kitty Darth Vader.

God. And some people wonder why I dress up as Bill the Butcher at Ren Fest.** Christ, I should just take this as my cue to dress that way all the time. Just to provide some karmic balance.

*And really, what is up with that picture? Who's he trying to be: Griffin Dunne as Heath Ledger as the Joker?

**Well, aside from the fact that it makes me look AWESOME.
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With a heavy heart and a giddy smile, I bring you the third and final part of my mad little photo adventure with [ profile] mirthical.

And while I've been apologizing all week for what I'm about to post here, allow me to apologize one last time. I'm very, very sorry, ladies and gentlemen.

NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Hell, not safe for sanity.

But then, that'd be appropriate, wouldn't it? )
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Again, warning: several HUGE-ASS (or sizable, anyway) behind the cut!

By the way, it's worth noting that Bloo and I bought the smoking jacket together when I first visited her out in Chicago, but this is one of the only, the only times that you'd actually catch me wearing it. It's a little too on-the-nose everywhere else, but here, I think it strikes just the right chord.

Tee hee.

Loungin' Around the Ol' Ha-Hacienda! )
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Warning: an assload of photos behind the cut. But it's worth it.

Part One: A Merry Night on the Town )
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Ladies and gentlemen, to whet your appetites for what is to come, may I humbly present [ profile] mirthical and myself starring in SETTIN' THE WOODS ON FIRE: PRELUDE--

Lazing on a Sund--er, *Friday* Afternoon! )
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... goddamn, no one has men's sock garters! Blast. Well, it's my fault for not ordering them online last week so I could have them by Friday. Still, poop. EDIT: ah-HA! I think I've found them! Thanks, Josh!

Oh, also on the agenda: I need a fish.

I mean, a dead fish. One that could fit in (and ideally hang out of) a martini glass. Just trust me on this one. [ profile] fiveseconddelay suggested I contact a couple pet stores to see if they have (or will have) any dead fish I could take. I haven't quite gotten the nerve to search for pet stores and make those calls just yet, but I will.

Again, it's all part of the plan.

In related news...

Mike Engel (Anthony Michael Hall) interviews Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart)! WARNING: it mentions what happens in the first five minutes of the film: the bank robbery, previously shown in its entirety as an extended preview before the IMAX version of I AM LEGEND.

Also, check out all of the THE DARK KNIGHT related viral websites. They've all been "updated" for the week.
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Does anyone by chance have a straw skimmer hat (AKA a boater hat) that I could borrow, or know where I can get one of decent quality for a reasonable price (without going online, for I'd need it Friday)?

For that matter, what are those knobbily canes that folks (vaudevillian-types, I think) would use to accompany skimmer hats? Y'know, when they'd go out on a merry jaunt around 1910 or whenever?

Finally, does anyone know where I can procure men's sock garters? I tried calling Syms, but that went nowhere, and an older gentlemen at Macy's said he hadn't seen those in years.

Any help/direction would be greatly appreciated.
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Ever since I snagged this pimptastic icon of Frank Gorshin (god, isn't that how Eddie should always look?), I've been rather obsessed with making a Riddler costume for this year's costume contest. I have many elements together, but damn if I'm missing a few elements. Namely, a snazzy purple tie and matching handkerchief. Not just any will do, damn it!

Even though gin is the enemy--the most evil liquor on the planet and does not mix well with me at all, for it puts me in a certain mood and tempts me toward very foolish things--I was intrigued by the discovery of Tanqueray Rangpur, advertised as a lime-based gin at "goes with everything." After reading several glowing reviews online, one even preferring it to my choice gin Bombay Sapphire, I decided to splurge and give it a go.

The reviews and marketing were very wrong when they stated that it had a very light flavor, as taken straight, Tanqueray Rangpur is pretty damn orangey/limey (unsurprising, as the Rangpur lime is apparently like a cross between both fruits), a bit more like drinking straight Cointreau than I'd expected and hoped.

That said, last night I used Rangpur for a classic martini, letting the ice melt enough to both cool and dilute the gin just enough, and I must say the end result was pretty goddamn tasty. Now if only I could think of a good substitute for an olive, as I hate olives. Oh, the irony: I love a good martini, and yet, I hate olives! I can never truly enjoy a martini! Regardless, I wonder what would make a good garnish. A peel or wedge of lime? Hm.

Two losses from the past couple weeks:

I Hear The Robot's Roar No More: Mourning the loss of Universal Studio's King Kong, and by extension, the loss of animatronics everywhere (kinda makes me wish I'd actually seen the old Epcot Center back in the day.)

J'onn J'onzz R.I.P. (for now). I like how Peter Tomasi isn't even trying to hide his disappointment, essentially saying, "Yeah, this blows, I hope he comes back in a couple years!" Poor guy was doomed the moment they tried to revamp his whole look; I know a skimpy harness and pirate boots may not be badass, but anybody who thinks the black Dark-Jedi-or-whatever redesign was an improvement just didn't give a shit about J'onn in the first place. But to die like he did? Shit, J'onn and Aquaman, DC's two most underappreciated characters, both died punk-ass deaths that made both Fetts--Jango and Boba--look dignified by comparison.

The A.V. Club has written up two neat classic film appreciations this past week.

First, WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE?, one of my favorite horror films that isn't really a horror film, a pitch-black fucked-up movie made all the greater by the fact that it starred Bette David and Joan Crawford who haaaaaated each other in real life, just one of the many subversive meta layers of this film. Apparently WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE? is largely forgotten, save for the same subculture of drag queens who hold it up as a widely-mocked camp "classic" alongside MOMMIE DEAREST.

As the article's author laments, this is a real shame. "Like PSYCHO, it's paradoxically classy, artful trash, or a trashy art movie. There's something weirdly subversive about watching artists as towering and brilliant as Alfred Hitchcock or Bette Davis sink their fangs into such lurid, pulpy material. To me, Baby Jane isn't a camp classic or a cult classic so much as it's a straight-up classic.

And secondly, they discuss my favorite Johnny Depp film, DEAD MAN, as part of their ongoing series of "The New Cult Canon." As with all cult film, DEAD MAN ain't for everyone, but this essay rather beautifully summed up why I love it. I mean, above and beyond the cast alone! Not everyone can appreciate such things. Stupid fucking white man.

P:R Prize!

Dec. 6th, 2007 07:56 pm
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So the Project: Rooftop Costume Contest prizes have been released.

Hey [ profile] dhairya, look what I should be getting in the mail soon:

Drawing by Ben Hatke.

Pretty damn sweet. This could be the start of a new trend at conventions, getting drawings of our redesigns of these characters. Although I confess, I am sad that certain details were missed, but part of that is certainly due to the quality of the photos.

But those are all kinks we'll work out when we do Two-Face/Typhoid Mary photos ver. 2.0. I'm already hard at work, and rather sore in the process. Why, I've already started up the raw egg whites again (the pasteurized carton kind, don't worry).

And in the meantime, I've already started plotting and planning next year's contest. My ex-girlfriend Misty (soon to be Mrs. Tom Clancy Jr.) very much wants in, and the thought of a costume threesome, of sorts... well, with the help of [ profile] spacechild, we've come up with a thoroughly inspired plan. Involving two birds and a beetle, if you catch my drift.

Two Perfect

Nov. 8th, 2007 11:53 am
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For those who didn't already get the news:

Our Two-Face and Typhoid Mary photos placed in the Project: Rooftop costume contest.

In keeping with Mr. Dent and Ms. Walker's characters, we made second runner up. For our prize, we'll be receiving a drawing of our redesigns from Ben Hatke.

[ profile] dhairya are already talking about doing it again, working out our mutual costume's kinks, and perhaps even getting it professionally photographed (if we can find a guy who would not charge too terribly much). I'm totally up for it.

In the meantime, we're totally walking on sunshine, here.

EDIT: [ profile] dryponder just informed me that we've already started getting attention for our costumes. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

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