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Most avatar creators are a waste of time when it comes to coming up with anything that even vaguely resembles me. That was even before I had my current hairline, and now it's bloody impossible. The latest such exercise in frustration was the ever-so-popular SCOTT PILGRIM avatar generator, which instantly failed me due to the fact that I match none of the hairstyles, nor did I own enough douchey hipster scarves.

I thought there was no hope for awesome avatar creators. And then, well... thank Sinatra for the MAD MEN avatar generator, which washes away my SP distaste in a tide of style, awesomeness, and scotch:

This is me performing my new show (wherein I actually use PowerPoint) at your typical Fringe Festival. Well, I haven't done it with scotch on hand, but it's only a matter of time.

And here is Henchgirl at your typical Fringe after party, getting accosted by other performers, volunteers, or whoever else shows up. I'm kinda sad that we didn't go with the original design, where the avatar generator allowed her to have one cigarette in her hand and another on her lips. Also, she bemoans the lack of shoe and dress selection, as well as the inability to have glasses over different pairs of eyes. But nonetheless, this is the neatest damn generator I've ever seen.

Y'know, I still have yet to watch MAD MEN, and I have absolutely no reason to doubt that I'll love it, but can I just say how excellent it is to be seeing a resurgence of 50's cool amid the hipster crap and Gaga-faux glam? Damn excellent, that's how excellent it is. Why, it may even be (brace yourself, Henchgirl, for I know you loathe when I say this)... it may even be coo-coo. Indeedy-do, it's pluperfectly coo-coo, pally.

And now that I've invoked him, well, I simply can't go without making a Johnny Go:

That's what I love about Johnny. He's in his best suit, martini in hand, in a picnic in broad daylight. God damn, I think it's time to get back to that novel, wouldn't you agree? Now if only we could get a 50's-retro Bub image. Ah well, now I know what drawing I'll commission from Darwyn Cooke one of these days, eh?
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After a long-awaited hiatus, I finally return to continue these bad boys with the baddest boy of 'em all. Dig it, pallies and palettes:

Photos (and a very special video) of my Vegas adventure behind the cut... )
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On the sickness front, I'm now 99% certain that my swallowing-glass-shards sore throat has not been caused by flu or strep, but rather Degree deodorant. The "Power" scent, specifically. I haven't reacted like that since I ran afoul of that Burt's Bees stand.

So tonight is dedicated to not doing anything interesting, but rather trying to finally get a good, full night's sleep in so I can be ready for a full day tomorrow.

I'm staying at a hotel about a mile away from the main strip, barely far enough away to make getting to said strip *just* enough of a pain in the ass. I tried driving down there to find parking and nearly had an epileptic seizure from the Luxor alone. Driving is Vegas is most assuredly not for the easily distracted.

Among tomorrow's plans, I'm seriously considering visiting a bar which--according to THE UNDERGROUND GUIDE TO LAS VEGAS, will earn me a "Tom Waits/Charles Bukowski Citation for Daring While in the Pursuit of Drunkenness." They furthermore warn, "For the adventurous only. Be afraid. Be very, very afraid."

Tomorrow may prove to be eventful indeed. Hell, I probably won't even have time to blow a hundred bucks on blackjack as originally planned!
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From the ever-awesome [ profile] little_dinosaur:

Thug Life!

I've been on a Sammy kick lately, especially ever since the otherwise-awesome Nathan Rabin said that he was "nowhere near as talented" as Frank Sinatra. To which I must call bullshit. But then, the more I've been reading about the Rat Pack, I've come to like Sinatra the least, which might color my opinions of his music.

Oh, I love 'im, and the SINATRA: VEGAS box set ran on rotation in my iPod through Big Sur. I dunno, maybe I'm just too drawn to theatrical bombast to appreciate the subtler nuances of Sinatra's brilliance, but... Jesus, guys, watch all of this:

And that's just a couple years before his death too. There's a reason he rocks the Superman bling, pallies.

I have an old tattered used hardcover of YES I CAN in the minivan, one of the too-many books I foolishly brought along on this road trip. Cracking it will be an undertaking, but a very rewarding one, I reckon. Throw Sammy in the same list of people like Dean and Jerry, the Beatles, Elvis, and Oingo Boingo who I'm gonna see live once I invent a time machine. Or steal it from whoever does.
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But amid all the awesome cars I would see there, among the dozens upon dozens of sights along the trip, along with all the motives and goals I had in making this trip in the first place...

... there it was. There, right before me... was The Car.

To quote Johnny himself: "'Hunk o' junk?!' This here's a gen-u-wine vintage 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air! Indian turquoise paint job, ramjet fuel injection, 283 cubic-inch small block Super Turbo-Fire V8 engine, the first car ever to match cylinder capacity with identical horsepower numbers!

Plus it has fins, pally! FINS!!! )

Coo-coo, pallies. Real coo-coo.
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Seems Don Rickles is performing in Atlantic City this January.

I think that seeing him before he dies is a moral imperative. For Johnny Go, you understand.

So further SWEENEY TODD thoughts...

First, here's a review of Tim Burton's SWEENEY TODD, reviewed by a Sondheim-fan theatre geek. Sounds about what I was hoping to expect. Basically, we just need to appreciate it not just for what it is, but as a different beast entirely. I look forward to it more than ever.

(don't read the comments afterward, though: your brain will melt from the loudmouthed asshattery of internet message boards)

I just watched 2001's SWEENEY TODD IN CONCERT, which is my second exposure to the show. I think I generally still prefer the 1982 version (the entirety of both of which are on YouTube), but the 2001 version was superior, in some respects. It definitely had the better Joanna, IMO, but the Perelli was lacking, clearly a singer more than an actor. The 2001 also had a postmodern snarky quality that was very fun, as opposed to the very earnest 1982 version. Also, Neil Patrick Harris.

George Hearn was still great in 2001, and it's always fascinating hearing how male singing voices can mature and develop, but I think I prefer the raw passion of the 1982 younger Hearn. That's gonna be the hardest thing about the adjustment to Johnny Depp: moving away from operatic fire and into sullen brooding.

Angela Lansbury and Patti LuPone... well, comparing the two is just apples and oranges. Very different takes on the characters, both of them excellent. Lansbury seemed more innocent, in her twisted way, more like a little girl, while LuPone struck me as more seen-it-all, down-to-earth, cynical, sensible, and mature, with a heart of gold... of sorts. I've known some Rudes like her.

Oh, and Judge Turpin 2001 really, really, really, really, really looked like Vigo the Carpathian from GHOSTBUSTERS II. Just sayin'.

So yeah, very much looking forward to the film now, and trying to keep an open mind. In the meantime, I must continue to suppress the urge to run up to customers in the comic store and belt "THEY ALLLLLLLLL DESERVE TO DIE! TELL YA WHY, MRS. LOVETT, TELL YA WHY!"
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And there we go. The first draft of the Harvey Dent novel (tentatively titled THE LAST HONEST MAN) is completed at 82,000 words. My third finished manuscript. Heh, maybe I'll even get one of these bad boys published sometime.

Of course, it's not done, by any means. No, there are tons of parts that still need work, but this is going to be a long-term project. I'm planning on editing this for at least two more years, keeping it on the back burner while I focus on Hefner Monologues and whatnot. Shit, I have to tour those shows and try to get those books published, above all others!

Meanwhile, I'll hopefully feel ready to finally tackle THE ADVENTURES OF BUB AND JOHNNY GO at some point, once I've researched a lot more and actually done some road-trippin'. I fear that I'm not quite good enough for what this series deserves, not just yet.

(Hopefully as a comic, if I can just find a good artist)

And, of course, there's the Herakles novel I'm doing with my brother, Edd. Oh my, yes, wouldn't want to forget that.

Eventually, hopefully, one way or another... I'll make a big enough name with myself that--when I feel the Dent novel has been sufficiently edited and revised until it's about as damn well near to perfect as it deserves to be--I'll finally make the long-shot proposal to DC.*

And if it doesn't get published, well, it can exist on my website as a free big of epic (let's face it) fan-fiction, rather like David Brin with his story "Thor Meets Captain America." Yes, I could be happy with that. Just as long as people were reading it, one way or another. But there's nothing quite like the "legitimacy" of published work.

So while I'm far from satisfied with the novel, I can't help but feel mightily accomplished. When I have six or seven projects going on at any given time, it's really quite something when one actually gets finished once in a while.

*And while I'm dreaming, I can has David Mazzucchelli do the interior illustrations?
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I was cackling with laughter so hard from this, I think I disturbed the tenant upstairs having her usual loud sex. I couldn't help myself. This is brilliant.

And while we're posting videos... ran an article on shows that were thankfully canceled after just one episode, and one of these shows was a little something called VIVA LAUGHLIN, featuring Hugh Jackman.

This just came out, mind you, and was already canceled, particularly after the New York Times wondered if Viva Laughlin could be "the worst show in the history of television." Then again, I'm currently pissed at the New York Times for panning BEOWULF, so there we go.

Anyway, Cracked sets up this clip by saying, "Watch this clip. If you're still not sure why it was canceled, watch it again. Just keep watching it."

Sure, maybe this wouldn't work as a real show.

But I tell you what, trade the Stones for Sinatra, and this is EXACTLY what Johnny Go sees when he closes his eyes.

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