Oct. 31st, 2007

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This one's for the horror geeks.

Be sure to put on your Silver Shamrock Halloween masks, kids!


Hey, it's still better than the one with Busta Rhymes.

Bonus: I took my LJ icon and decided to whip up a little somethin'-somethin'. Because I love the joke so. Not for the queasy or sensitive. Don't say I didn't warn you, as I know some of you are more sensitive than others.

NSFW graphic violent gross image behind the cut!!! )
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I'm very pleased to announce that I have two more upcoming gigs for THE HEFNER MONOLOGUES!

Friday, November 30th at Norman James Theatre, Washington College, Chestertown MD.


Monday, December 10th, and Tuesday, December 11th at Hamilton Arts Center in Baltimore, MD.

Huge thanks to my wonderful producers at Zero Hour ([livejournal.com profile] ortugatay and [livejournal.com profile] fishymcb particularly, but let me know if anyone else did major legwork here) for making all this happen.

I'm not sure what crowds to expect, particularly in the Baltimore gig, so if you're able to make it out either night, please please please do! It's kind of a dead season for theatre in December, but with proper promotion, that might just work in my favor (less competition and all).

So yeah, if you missed THE HEFNER MONOLOGUES at CapFringe this year, here's your chance to catch 'em again! In revised, improved format!

DC 101 played Oingo Boingo's "Dead Man's Party." I don't think I've ever heard Oingo Boingo on the radio before, and it was such a wonderful surprise. How is this band not popular? Short of the Beatles, I can't think of a single other band that has music for virtually any mood, any occasion. Just name a mood or style, and I'll give you an Oingo Boingo song that matches it!

So yeah, that was my highlight of the day. Which means it's all downhill from here. Because it's Wednesday, New Comics Day, and I'm at work. I haven't sat down once all day, the store is constantly packed, I'm working alone, and I have to poop like a motherfucker. HELP.
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On THE DAILY SHOW tonight, Jon was talking about the recent Democratic debate where three of the other candidates (but not Obama; John Edwards, Joe BIden, and Chris Dodd) AND Tim Russert were all aggressively grilling Hillary, and Jon Stewart quipped:

"Four men berating a woman for two hours. It's like the most boring Neil LaBute play ever."

A smattering of people laughed and applauded. Stewart smirked, "Look at that, a couple drama majors in the corner. Everybody else can give a shit."

A. Stounding. Hee hee hee hee hee!

Meanwhile, the SOUTH PARK guys have gone totally, delightfully mad. I cannot wait for the DVD of the "Imaginationland" to freeze-frame the shots and spot all the hidden characters. They even had Darkseid in the finale!

Welp, Halloween is over. So you all know what that makes today?

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